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Printer Repair Glenview IL

Printer Repair Glenview IL

If you own or manage a business, your printer is probably a critical part of your day-to-day tasks. You might have noticed lately, though, that your printer is taking more and more time to print or is showing signs of other problems. When a printer isn’t functioning as well as it should, it can be a disruption for any type of business. Call Resource Data Systems for Printer Repair Glenview IL if:

-The printer makes unusual noises. Any type of grinding and banging sounds when the device is printing is a clear sign that something may be faulty with the interior hardware. It may, for instance, indicate the carriage is stalled or there’s a paper jam occurring. If not resolved soon, this could cause more permanent damage to the printer.

-The printer isn’t recognizing the cartridge. Is your printer not correctly recognizing a new toner or ink cartridge? This could be due to:

-Protective plastic strips still on. The issue may be that you simply forgot to remove the strips along the cartridge’s bottom prior to installing it. When removed the slip usually reveals a row of metal contacts which connect to corresponding contacts inside the printer enabling them to properly communicate. If that’s the situation, you’re fortunate because this is a quick fix that doesn’t require repair services. Simply take the cartridge out of the printer, pull away the protective slip and then put the cartridge back in position.

-Damaged or dirty components. If you have taken off the protective slip yet the printer still doesn’t recognize the cartridge, it might be on account of a dirty or faulty contact that is prohibiting proper transfer of data. Cleaning the components may restore functionality.

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