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Your XEROX Black and White Printer Source

Sometimes all your business needs is black and white printing capabilities! Resource Data Systems carries a selection of high quality black and white printer/copiers at budget-friendly prices. You’ll find reliable devices that will allow you to enjoy a mix of cost-efficiencies and quality.

If you are researching the benefits of black and white printers and copiers, you probably have the need to print business documents, spreadsheets or school assignments. Understandably, you’d like to discover which black and white printers can help you save the most money on printing expenses. Also referred to as monochrome laser printers, the easy-to-use machines are made for businesses of any size. They are able to manage the demands of high-volume black and white printing.

Your XEROX Black and White Printer Source

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Lower Operating Costs

Office managers might consider a color laser printer or color inkjet printer. Those options are definitely appropriate for things like color photographs, sales materials and business proposals. However, if you’ll be printing black and white most of the time, it can become expensive replacing cartridges frequently. A black and white laser printer only utilizes a single cartridge for producing prints in comparison to as many as four cartridges for some color printers. Converting to a monochrome unit can instantly reduce your print costs since you’ll only have to replace one cartridge!

Low Maintenance

A standard monochrome model that doesn’t use extra cartridges is generally easier to maintain. After all, since there’s only one cartridge there’s much less upkeep involved throughout the lifespan of the printer.

Resource Data Systems is your provider of competitively priced Black & White Printer/Copiers and Black & White Advanced Multifunction Printers/Copiers. Visit our full-service location in Northbrook, order online or call for more information!

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