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Laser Printers Glenview IL

Laser Printers Glenview IL

New to the advantages of laser printers? Here’s some fundamental information about the convenient devices and how they can benefit your business:

-Laser Printers Glenview IL use toner powder as opposed to ink for producing prints in either color or monochrome. Understanding of the drum component is key to the way a laser printer functions. It’s a cylinder-shaped part that enables the laser to access toner via static electricity. After switching on the printer, the drum receives a negative charge. The laser assembly that’s contained inside the printer points directly at the drum, which draws a pattern of positive-charge dots as the drum slowly rotates, attracting the toner.

The toner then contacts the paper while the drum is rotating. Heat from the rollers serve to fuse the toner to the paper.

Similar to an inkjet printer, a laser printer is typically sold as an all-in-one unit. Also, some versions have features such as dual-band Wi-Fi capabilities, double-sided printing and enhanced security. To save costs, you can choose monochrome laser printers if you don’t need to print documents in color.

Speed and volume are another important benefit to laser printers. Depending upon the colors and resolution, inkjet printers can average from five to twenty pages per minute. In contrast, laser printers for home use can do twenty to forty pages per minute. Other models can print fifty pages per minute or even more.

In addition to their speed laser printers also offer a high volume of monthly output. Basically, print volume is the suggested amount of pages a device can print each month for its optimal performance. For many models, that output can reach thousands of pages. If you speedy printing is a priority for your business, Laser Printers Glenview IL are the solution for you.